Amazon’s Scam

So you go to place a order and in my case I picked 3 to 5 day delivery , they don’t tell you its going to take 2 days to get the order to a 3rd part vendor. I had ordered it with 2 just in case days but that was now screwed. Amazon’s help desk was NO help at all even when they agreed with me they said “there was nothing we can do its not coming from Amazon” After 2 days and 5 phone calls I was given a gift card equal to what I bought, I asked “why didn’t you do that the first time I called” all I got from there lame support staff was “i da know” Never again Amazon…shape up!

Move and they will follow

I think my ( our ) first was in the late 70’s Dayna and I came to visit Cindy in Reno. This was after our trip’s to Sandy’s house in Vegas years before. I remembered Vegas as hot and dry not at all like where we came from,but Reno was different it was cold here at night and warm in the daytime. Not like Jersey hot and humid always , I said to myself I want to live here some day.

Fast forward 12 or so years …

Pets how much do you love them ?

So to start off my day today Dusty wanted to lay on the bed in my spot, I tried to get her to get off the bed in a very soft voice. She wanted to stay on the bed , so I made my voice a little more firm and she moved off the bed but not before peeing on the bed where my face would be! This $800 mattress has also been marked by 2 cats in the last 2 years.

I wanted a dog 5 years ago and that just started the flood of cats/dogs, now after 4 cats and 3 dogs I swear  they have cost us at min. $5000. and that is just for now. All the carpet in this house has to be removed…

In the first 20 years of my life I always had a pet and I can never remember a time when they ever cost more then the food that feed them.