My Friend

I sit here with tears in my eyes and don’t know what to do , my friend is about to die and i’m lost. I want to share my pain but his Mom asked me not to say anything just yet….so I thought I would say it here. Is it selfish I don’t want him to go, and I am so angry that someone younger then me should die from something I do all the time. I drink and have been around it so long and have see people tormented by it for years…but he dies.

Why is it the mean people live and drink and the good ones die

This has hit me harder then I thought it would, maybe because of his age and me wanting him to come back and play games on the internet…I will feel better in the morning but I don’t by much,I have lost a part of me and what I was.

But I know a Mom who has lost a son and that is something far worse then what I will have to deal with ….