’s true they are coming for you

I am starting to think pollen seeds are really small aliens that have deposited themselves here just to get all the moisture from our body’s to come out you’re nose. If you don’t have them just wait they will get you someday. Stay safe and remember hide from “pollen” when ever possible.

It’s been a long time…

Its been a long time since I have posted here, its been a odd year for all of us. My year was in no way as bad as most. Since we spoke last I am still unemployed (sorta) I have become a school teacher to my grandson. It’s a lot harder then it sounds, what the fuck is “new math”.

I have been to Mexico 4 more times since my last posting here and had to deal with a over sugared 11 year old and Hurricane Delta the hurricane was easier.

Last time we were in Mexico we took the all the kids and they didn’t spend as much time outside as I thought they would. Getting in and out of Mexico was easy the first 3 times but the 4th time it was starting to get back to normal “dam tourists”.

Its now been months since I posted and I started this post 2 trips ago, not sure why I just didn’t feel like writing.

Webull small account challenge: week one


Looks at current date….. Sooo uhhh yea, about that posting in a week thing.
In all honesty I wanted to start this after I sold all the free stocks that Webull offered. But while waiting I saw an opportunity and could not say no to it, more on that later. Plus I was really antsy to start this challenge anyways. Oh yea! Disclosure. I am not a financial adviser, nor is this blog any form of financial advise. Follow my picks at your own risk. Know that the stock market itself is risky and never invest money your not okay with losing. Blah blah blah.

I also need to be up front with a something about this challenge as well. Due to the nature of the small account I have to dig bottom of the barrel company’s or penny stocks sometimes since the account can’t afford even a single stock…

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So the Stock market has made quite a bit of headlines lately all centered around retail traders and around a handful of companies.

Well did you know since about September of 2020 I been learning and investing in the stock market as a type of hobby (that counts as new right?). It’s been a learning experience to say the least. So far my portfolio is up about 3% but this is only thanks to last weeks insanity. (Thanks Wallstreetbets!!)

Was talking to a friend about the recent week and he said something along the line of ‘no one makes money studying technical charts alone’. Yea…. Challenge accepted!!

So what I have done is opened a webull broker account. At the time they were offering 2 free stocks if you deposit $100 or more. Going to liquidate those and just using technicals trade on the open market.

So the challenge…

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Flight Sim 2020

Microsoft Flight Sim has come out and I got the deluxe package, now will my computer run it is the question. The computer I built 3 years ago was built to last meaning I built it to play games at max levels and should run anything I put into it.Now that I think about it when Flight Sim X came out in 2009 the system I was running only ran it so well, as I got better and better computers I was able to turn it up to full.

Lake Tahoe NV

I have checked and it seems to be hit and miss with the new 2020 Sim, some people are not having problems. And I checked the CPU and GPU and it’s only running at ( CPU 70%) and (GPU 80%) it just makes the fans on the computer run loud.


I checked to see the price on a video card upgrade from the Nvidia 1060 6gb card I have to the 1080 card 8gb and I’m looking at $399. But there is hope the new Nvidia 3080 cards should be out soon and the price has been leaked at $1499. and that might put it out of my price range.

On the way to Vegas

Update since I started this post a new patch has come out that has reduced the amount of CPU and GPU needed to play the game. Now with the CPU that i am using (Intel i7 7700) should be able to handle this game it’s just the video card that needs a update.


I will be updating this from time to time and if you need some help with this email me at and I can let you know how to optimise your system to play it.