Reno Tahoe International airport

This Fucking place is useless there are so many flights that we have tried to get out of here that have been canceled you might as well get out the day before and wait on you’re connection.

At a Bar…

I could not take it anymore and gave in and went to bar for a pint or 2 or 3. Makes it sound like I needed it, no I just found out the pub down the block was open to have a seat and have some drinks.It is nice to be out of the house and to see some old friends, its been so long. Every group is at different tables just sitting with the people they came in with and we are way more than 2 meters apart. I am worried once everything is up fully this place will be packed as normal.

Now being from a state that has a LOT of room (Nevada) between cities and even homes,people see to group up at bars and casinos. One of the friends I saw here tonight was so ready for the “restrictions” to be done with and said that Covid was way over done by “the media” and seemed annoyed it happened.

Since I started this post the “casino” part of the bar opend and we got to the pub about a half hour after opening and it was packed. They are only seating so many people at the bar where the gaming machines are so you have to wait in a Q to game. Saw some others friends and it’s nice to be almost back to norm.

Sierra Lawn Care Cleanup

Sierra Lawn Care ( 775 ) 560-2265

I just wanted to say thank you to Mark and his crew for the wonderful  service for my lawn for what has to be getting close to 10 years now.  Last week I asked them if they could cut and clean up the weeds in the back yard that due to all the rain we had in Reno were way out of control. I came home yesterday to find my backyard looking better than It has in years , even with all the crap I left in the way.

The guys at Sierra Lawn Care take pride in what they do and I would refer them to anyone that needs lawn service.