Just about to leave..

Just about to go on vacation …by vacation I mean leave the country. Now most of the time this is not something I.m consirened about . This trip it different. This time it’s to a country we have not visited before. And its not an “american” friendly area.

Sound Blaster…

Looks like my tried and true sound card might be meeting its end….Noooooo I don’t want you to go. I have a surround sound system connected to the computer and I will miss you so much. I know you have done your job week in and week out but please don’t leave me..

I remember when I installed you back in Windows 7 and screamed how ┬áthe software screwed up my system , but we worked it out and became friends. Now theat you’re leaving me I will miss you. All the 80’s music we shared , but it’s now Windows 10 time and you want to retire with that great music in the sky.