Got the call yesterday Donta

This is just so I can remind him when he gets older that yesterday I got a call from his mom about him surfing “adult” content on the web. Now you are 10 years old now it’s its “about” the rite age. You’re mom and grandma don’t think

Off to see Hugh Jackman

So the wife got us tickets to see Hugh Jackman one man show in Vegas this weekend. I love him as a actor and have seen bits and pieces of some of his shows where he is dancing and singing.

Got to Las Vegas late on Friday night, I was surprised I stayed up so late 1am is way past my bedtime. Vegas temperature around this time of year 110F during the day so you want to avoid going outside for long.

The trip was a good time and I came home with money in my pocket,my son had to driver back home ( 4 hours ) with a nasty hangover…lol.

Day of medical testing

So today was the day I had set up for my heart checking, I was not looking forward to this day for a few reason. One no food no coffee and no nicotine for 12 hours up to the test. Now this would show a very stressed Eric then normal but not the way I live everyday. Why don’t they test people how they are at the end of a regular “Monday”.

With that question out there the testing from 8 am to 1 pm was not a bad as I thought it was going to be. They moved the times around so I could get it everything done at once ,being diabetic its’s been a long time since I went that long without food.

I went to Northern Nevada Medical Center for the testing thinking this might be a “cheaper” alternative to Renown Reno. The staff at NNMC has always been the best when it comes to service and attentiveness. Its a smaller hospital then Renown.

Now comes the issue I have with the billing departments I think they hired people that used to work in the KGB. They are so aggressive It almost makes me want to go some where else.