Denon Headphones

So about 2 years ago I asked for a set of headphones for Christmas,and these were expensive headphones $150 or about if I remember correct. My daughter Alex was nice enough to get them for me. These were replacing another set of Denon headphones I had for 10 years. I loved those headphones.

So about 2 years after getting the ones for Christmas they started developing cracks in the arms that hold the speakers on you’re ears. I took a chance and emailed support at Denon about how they were cracking after only 2 years,let them know due to the cost I treated these things like gold.

With only 1 year warranty I explained how the last ones I had lasted 10 years and Denon support said I was shit out of luck. This pissed me the hell off so I contacted them on Twitter and they told me “to bad so sad” I was so disappointed. So I took to Twitter with another idea.

Every post Denon made on Twitter or reply from a customer that good things to say about what the bought from Denon I posted a reply with a picture of my broken headphones.

Needless to say Denon got tired of me posting that photo to Twitter and asked me for my home address, and these showed up a few days later. I saw they retail for $299 or more so I’m not going to complain. They work via Bluetooth and came with a wire to plug them in to the system I have now.

Dawn Out of town

So it’s a week with the wife out of town, this time its Thailand with her sister. It was suppose to be with our daughter till Alex broke her foot. The holiday tip was a birthday trip for both of them but that changed real fast.

So I was not looking forward to this week as I had the grandson to take to school and pick up at the end of his day while trying to work. Withe his mom breaking her foot now I have 2 people and a dog to deal with. It’s not a bad thing having Alex at the house its been a while since she has spent any time at home. Just going a little stir crazy being in the house so much.

Dawn and Joyce look like they are having a great time, playing with the elephants is got me so jealous but the flight took ms of a day to get there. The photo’s I am seeing look awesome.

Grandson’s Birthday

How did he get so big is what they always say,but its true he has grown so fast .

Opening gifts

We have been teasing him all week about getting socks and underwear so that’s what we got him. With a new $100 bill at the bottom. With that, he wanted to go to Gamestop.

At Wild Island

So we surprised him a pit stop at Wild Island and some go cart racing and games. I think he LOVED IT as he said.


I must say I had a good time also driving I got to pass him once and then he caught me and passed me up.

Happy 10th Birthday to Donta hope you had a fun weekend. Love you

A message to new Dad’s

This is hard to put into words, there was a moment in time in my son’s life I had to stop and say to myself he is a adult and can choose what to do for himself. I hated that moment ! This post was going to be about the music he has turned me on to since then but my dam fingers typed this . We went to a Shinedown concert a band I knew very little about and had a great time , and I listened to more of there music since then and a “Simple Man” makes me think of him and what I would life to be.

And now that I am thinking about it, the song that makes me think of my daughter is “Superman (its not easy) buy Five for Fighting. She is my Superman with the way she is raising my grandson. I still think of her as my little girl and is not old enough to have a son, but she is doing a wonderful job. I know the kids might never see this but I wanted then to know I was thinking about them tonight as I do often.