Go Daddy web host change

Hello , I have been using Go Daddy web hosting for years and as of late something has changed .  They had been something I never thought about when it cam time to renew my hosting service. It just worked without much of a fuss. It was about $80 a year and slowly moved up ( correction ) moved up on pricing fast, and I didn’t see the reason why.

Go Daddy did get this “new system” Cpanel and last year I oped to move to the “new systems” from the old. Only was that was one big mistake. Seems they are keeping the new and old systems online at the same time. Moved all my domains and email to Cpanel and thats where the trouble started.

The web and email on the cpanel is almost un-usable .  With all the DNS errors and  email just not working . I have had to call support no less then 10 times and even Go Daddy support said there Cpanel email sucks. OH and that’s the “free” email.

I moved some of the domains to Google Domains as they needed to be renewed ( private registration ) Go Daddy is charging $7.99 per domain. Almost done with Go Daddy for good ,moving to ipage.com for hosting. Its sad Go Daddy went down hill so fast, I feel so bad for the nice people that work there.

At the Peppermill tonight

Dawn wanted to go out over the weekend , then she didn’t …then she did so here we are. It’s almost March madness so I placed 2 bets so far on basketball ( lost both ) siting in the sportsbook on a broken video poker machine watching the people and games ( people are more fun ) .

So want and need a vacation we are almost paying off the CC bills and are about to start work on the house in prep for sale . I’m wondering if we should get a realtor to look at the house and tell us what would be best to upgrade.

Dawn is not to happy about this ( selling her first house ) I told her its just the next step in our “adventure”.