Time for a change

So I was looking at Google and Bing and my nickname “allberry”was found all over the place but it was not me. When I got allberry.com back in the 90’s It was number one on all the search engines. I sold it 10 years later and it seems I lost the name. So lets see how a name change can help.

After 6 weeks of being unemployed

So after 2 weeks of looking for a job I found out no one ( companies ) seems to find their own employees. I have got so many calls from services that are looking to fill jobs. I of course signed up for every job service I knew of and more and they are posting the same job’s all at different pay rates.

Some of the the job service boards that I had old accounts on are looking at my old truck driving days and sending me jobs in that line of work. I updated my resume and it didn’t seem to make a difference. As I was typing this I had a person text my phone about a job I applied for, not the company I sent the resume into just someone else that saw I had applied.

I missed the days when could apply to the company itself and talk to a person.No middleman between you and what you would like to do.

Italy vacation dead (Puerto vallarta)

So with the virus that is ragging the planet our plans for a family vacation in Italy soon went to hell. So with that said avoid Orvago when booking any travel. At the last moment we decided that Mexico was a good option since everyone had the days off all ready.

Sierra mountains

The trip started of with a trip from Reno to San Fran via RT80 and a 7200 foot mountain rage and snow. It was slow going but we made it and had a overnight in San Fran so no rush,We were taking the kids back to Puerto Vallarta since they were 16 for the boys and 13 for my daughter. It’s a big difference taking them back 17 years later, the town has grown and so have the kids.

17 years ago

This time we stayed at a “resort” the locals used to get away from time to time. It seemed they were renovating when we got there and the rooms ( 2 bedroom flats ) we real close to the pool and ocean but last on the list to be updated. They only had AC in the bedrooms and the power outlets were hanging out of the wall in some place’s. They had 2 pools one a little colder then the other and lots of kids playing in both.

Donta Pool

We did get to meet some new friends.

All in all it was nice to get out of town for a while and I had a lot of people worried about us getting back into the US, there were no people at the airports and the plane was not full coming back. When I saw what was going on here I was wondering why I left Mexico.

Supermarket in Mexico
Party time
The view