Italy vacation dead (Puerto vallarta)

So with the virus that is ragging the planet our plans for a family vacation in Italy soon went to hell. So with that said avoid Orvago when booking any travel. At the last moment we decided that Mexico was a good option since everyone had the days off all ready.

Sierra mountains

The trip started of with a trip from Reno to San Fran via RT80 and a 7200 foot mountain rage and snow. It was slow going but we made it and had a overnight in San Fran so no rush,We were taking the kids back to Puerto Vallarta since they were 16 for the boys and 13 for my daughter. It’s a big difference taking them back 17 years later, the town has grown and so have the kids.

17 years ago

This time we stayed at a “resort” the locals used to get away from time to time. It seemed they were renovating when we got there and the rooms ( 2 bedroom flats ) we real close to the pool and ocean but last on the list to be updated. They only had AC in the bedrooms and the power outlets were hanging out of the wall in some place’s. They had 2 pools one a little colder then the other and lots of kids playing in both.

Donta Pool

We did get to meet some new friends.

All in all it was nice to get out of town for a while and I had a lot of people worried about us getting back into the US, there were no people at the airports and the plane was not full coming back. When I saw what was going on here I was wondering why I left Mexico.

Supermarket in Mexico
Party time
The view

Nonchalant About Roma

So my wife tells me we can’t come to Rome anymore because I’m not a excited about it as I used to be. We are here for 2 weeks and this is my 5th trip to Rome and I have been a tour guide so many times I hope its just a tired of running around thing.

Damein and Emma

This time we are here with my son and his girlfriend Emma and I think they are enjoying themselves. He got a chance to have his birthday in another country, so both the kids have been here now. We told Alex and Damein one trip each the next time its on you to come back.

One of the things we did different this time was rent an apartment for the 2nd week very near the Pantheon and it has no lift.Bad idea, 45 steps to my room and 65 steps to my sister-in-law’s room.Now that is after 20K steps a day looking around at everything else.

As I write this i’m at one of our favorite place’s the Di Rienzo in the plaza with the Pantheon,we have coming here every night after walking and the stall seems to have adopted us. One of the waiters I remembered from when my daughter was here and I found out he has been working here for 14 years.

Yesterday we were off for a fast tour of Florence another city I love and today they are off to Tivoli,Italy. I felt a little bad this morning like I was catching a cold so it was nap day for me.You need nap days when you are here.

A new year of trips

Well, the end of the year has come and gone and the next 2 vacations are already set up. This year is about the kids the first part of the year, Disney World is the first trip ( have I told you how I feel about Florida ). The grandson was impressed with air flight on his first flight until he found the in-flight entertainment.

The next trip will be back to Rome with my son Damein Berry, this will be his first time to Rome and he is bringing the girlfriend Emma Christmas. Her first time to Europe and Italy. She has been hinting that a ring would be so romantic in Italy. It’s a trap.

My hope for this trip is after showing them around a bit taking some time in a cafe to sit and relax. Damein picked up the tube in London so fast the subway in Rome will be no problem.

Fall trip to Milan Italy

This month was a trip to Italy and the  Milan area and a 3 and a half hour drive south to visit some other small towns. The first part of the trip was to drive from Milan to a small city called Monticelli. Now, this is not a place most people would stay in Italy. But it had a train station and was not far from places you do want to visit. Being one of the drivers on this tour it was important to me to find something where I didn’t have to drive all the time.

Well you think driving in Italy was hard, it’s no different than any other city you have driven in. Now the signs are in another language but that’s to be expected. The drive took some time after 20 hours of flying so we stopped in some town to eat, the owner and her kids were so glad to see us ( it seemed to me) a party of 5 in a small local pizza place. The food was wonderful.

In Tortona,Italy

The next stop was to be Rapallo, Italy but the driving got to us and after a coffee break, it was time to hit the hotel for some sleep. The town we were staying in was Montecatini Italy, this was a point we could get to other locations from using the train or the cars. Worked out great for me as I was one of the drivers, and when in Italy wine and driving don’t mix ( there is my PSA for this blog).

Montecatini Italy

The town was not a tourist site but was very small and cute, the people were friendly as always. I think the hotel was used for conventions because it was close to where the tour buses parked. After a good nights sleep it was off to Lucca via the train.

Have I told you it rains in Italy and every day it seems I found a puddle first thing in the morning. We get to Lucca later in the day then we wanted and it had been raining most of the day, getting out of the train it was a downpour. We needed a cafe and some coffee to try and wait it out. Now one of the reasons I wanted to go to Lucca was because there is a square that the boys from Top Gear visited. Now, this is a walled city with a lot of footpaths into the city but not many built for cars, as we walked around not knowing what way to go we found all the footpaths flooded. After walking the wrong way for a while we got directions on how to get into the city. We got in and took some photos without finding the plaza I was looking for. Back to the hotel for wine.

The next day was Piza, now from what I heard there was not much to see except for the tower. And this was a car trip so we got an early start( so I could have some wine later in the day) I was correct about it being small.

And then there was wine, starting to see a trend here.I do have to say if you never read any of my post’s before the food is wonderful and I have not found a “bad” place to eat in Italy and there are so many food blogs about the food there I would be wasting time.

Time to move to the next stop La Spezia, this was a apartment we rented on our way back up the coast. It’s a port with a lot very large and expensive boats in the ports, but that god for Google maps I never would have my found my way in and out. One of the reasons for this stop was the coastal city’s. Now we did bring a photo enthused with us, but that’s a long story you don’t want to read.

Manarola, Cinque Terre, Liguria, Italy; Shutterstock ID 66791440; Project/Title: Best of Europe; Downloader: Melanie Marin

La Spezia was a cool little city to visit and I would like to go back for a long visit.Lets see what work thinks about the time off.

Now I’m a bad blogger and its taken me 3 weeks to get this posted, if you would like more info about the places we visited feel free to contact me. Now back to the wine.

Travel Anxiety

Is it a product of the airline industry or am I just doing it to myself? I remember being so excited to go vacation in the 90’s not sure it feels the same. I got screwed more than enough time by the airlines that I feel different now. Just check old posts from this blog.

We leave for Itay on Wednesday and working this Monday and Tuesday is killing me with thoughts running around in my brain about the trip and are the flights on time and did I get everything done at work.