Sorrento Italy 2022

A few years ago we went to Sorrent via the local train when in Torra de Greco visiting the area. It looked like a small town that we wanted to get back to someday, 6 years later we got the chance to go back and stay for a while. It was a 9 day trip from Reno to Denver to Naples where we rented a car and drove down to town. First off the ride was only an hour-long but the last 30 mins were on local roads and depending on the day of the week and time of the year this could take 2 hours easily.

View from the B&B

The B&B that we rented was next to the beach and it was in a good location. But they forgot to tell us there was no lift in the building. We were on the 3rd floor and the steps in Italy are not what we called ” up to code”. The room was small but it wasn’t like we were going to be using it for more than sleep. After getting into town we found out some of the bars and cafes we closed for the season. They close during the non-tourist season. Like I said the room was near the water the town is uphill, we found a set of long steps to get up into town.

Main road
Main street

The steps were worth it, it burned off all the food we ate during the day. This trip was more than an adventure we were planned on looking for a home here but we made min effort on that front.

Amalfi coast

Next was the Amamife Coast drive that we planned, one of the reasoned’s we rented a car. The drive was very short in miles but what I didn’t know was we would be turning the wheel of the car so much. The view was so beautiful from what I saw being the diver. It was so with the drive, I would hate to do the drive in the busy season. The small roads and little towns would take you forever in a car, forget about parking.

Mount Vesuvius

The next day we had planned to see the rim of Mt. Vesuvius ( think the wife planned on pushing me in ) so we drive up to Pompeii. Now we had been to the ruins before but never explored the city. So we looked around a bit and decided to visit the city a bit. By the time we got done eating and drinking we never did get to the rim…next time..wink.

After all the traveling soon it was time to come home, we didn’t want to it was a 32 hour trip via Munich Germany someplace I had never been but we opted for a hotel near the airport to make our flight home, so I didn’t get to see much.

The flights to Munich and from Munich were far from packed so it was nice to move seats and even have enough room for a nap( laying flat ).