Ford Recall for Air Bags

So about a year ago (July 2015 ) I got a letter from Ford letting me know the air bags need to be replaced. I’m thinking everyone would be getting the replacement parts all at once so I waited to call for a appointment.

I called today and found out FORD has not even got the parts yet…almost a year later. These are the air bags that shoot shrapnel in your face and I hear of at least one death a month. Or the ones that just don’t deploy.

How can they or any car company get away with this….killing your customers is better for your bottom line ? I see them coming out with millions of cars every year. They can’t put some of those parts in the older cars that need them ?

When I called FORD customer service they said there was NOTHING they could do the parts would be in next month and then you will get a LETTER telling you to call for a appointment and wait in line like everyone else. When I asked for a loaner till the car is fixed they said that is not policy and couldn’t be doneĀ  ( my thought was thank you for buying a FORD now screw off and die ).

Contacted FORD on Twitter and I will post the conversation here…

@FordService @Ford Got a safety recall a year ago and my local dealer says they don’t have the parts…are you trying to get people hurt ?

@evdaycomputer Safety is our top priority. Which recall are you referring to? I’ll take a look at things on this end. ^JW

@FordService the air bags, not so worried that you will let me drive the car for a year

@evdaycomputer Ford is working with its suppliers to expedite parts as quickly as possible. What’s the model year of your Mustang? ^JW

@FordService base model 2008, a year is ridiculous you should send me a loaner till you get your “parts” together

@evdaycomputer Between now & 3rd Quarter 2016, you’ll receive a letter advising when a replacement part is available for your vehicle. ^JW

@FordService how many people have died or been injured waiting for Ford to get “parts”

@evdaycomputer We take the safety of our customers very seriously, & we’ll continue to work with NHTSA to prioritize the replacement of …

@evdaycomputer air bag inflators to ensure they are replaced as quickly as possible, addressing the highest risks first. ^JW

I never did get a response about how many people have to die …………………………………….