ASUS and Bad Customer Service

So this started years ago ASUS was the top of the line motherboards and still might be, but whoever from ASUS said we should branch out should be fired. I never had a problem with one of the motherboards,but this time was different. When I need a new “gaming” computer I ask for parts over time, fathers day and then birthdays and so on.

Got all the parts I needed to get the build up and running, new everything. Built the computer and everything was working fine,the motherboard was a gift from Amazon months ago. Now 99% of the time I would not use the “onboard” sound on a board,I have almost always used a Sound Blaster card for sound. But this time with the micro board it would not fit without blocking the fan for video or cutting off the USB connection for the case.

After about 2 weeks it lock’s up to the point I have to hard boot the computer and still it will not come back to life. I had to turn off the power to the board to get Windows to reboot. Finding out the sound card on the board was not working or taking drivers. I started the RMA process , knowing from the grape-vine this is going to take a while.

Not willing to wait the month it was going to take to get it back I order another motherboard same model. I put all the same parts back and booted it up, FIRST going into the bios and disabling the on-board sound. It booted up and knock of wood I have had almost no problems with it ( 1803 from Microsoft was a bitch ) .

Now the fun begins with ASUS……

I get the board back from ASUS and they say they can not find a problem with it, after about a week of emails back and forth. Seems who ever responds to the email is not on west coast time because it takes a day to get a response, that’s bad ASUS. They send me a “report” and photos of that they tested and it looks like the ethernet card is what they were looking at , nothing about what I reported “on-board sound” problems.

So the emails and Facebook chats start going and after about a month I get passed the regular support team to a ” customer retention” person ( Rodel L at ASUS ) and since then I had given the motherboard they said was good away to someone who could not afford one for testing/use.

Now talking with Rodel via email I thought as a ASUS rep he was going to send me a replacement motherboard for the one that was not working . I thought wrong , they would send a “new” one to me when they could get one in stock (you make the dam things you don’t have one in stock ! ) and IF I sent the other one back to them. I explained I didn’t have it and that was another 2 weeks of emails .

Dam this is a long story you are thinking….now you know how I feel.

Rodel from ASUS was refusing to help and I ended the email conversation with ” I CAN”T ANYMORE”.

So ASUS don’t stand by their motherboards anymore…

Asus customer service is not trained to read emails to them….

Sorry but “I don’t think” english is taught to them well enough…

ASUS customer service is useless….

Ford Recall for Air Bags

So about a year ago (July 2015 ) I got a letter from Ford letting me know the air bags need to be replaced. I’m thinking everyone would be getting the replacement parts all at once so I waited to call for a appointment.

I called today and found out FORD has not even got the parts yet…almost a year later. These are the air bags that shoot shrapnel in your face and I hear of at least one death a month. Or the ones that just don’t deploy.

How can they or any car company get away with this….killing your customers is better for your bottom line ? I see them coming out with millions of cars every year. They can’t put some of those parts in the older cars that need them ?

When I called FORD customer service they said there was NOTHING they could do the parts would be in next month and then you will get a LETTER telling you to call for a appointment and wait in line like everyone else. When I asked for a loaner till the car is fixed they said that is not policy and couldn’t be doneĀ  ( my thought was thank you for buying a FORD now screw off and die ).

Contacted FORD on Twitter and I will post the conversation here…

@FordService @Ford Got a safety recall a year ago and my local dealer says they don’t have the parts…are you trying to get people hurt ?

@evdaycomputer Safety is our top priority. Which recall are you referring to? I’ll take a look at things on this end. ^JW

@FordService the air bags, not so worried that you will let me drive the car for a year

@evdaycomputer Ford is working with its suppliers to expedite parts as quickly as possible. What’s the model year of your Mustang? ^JW

@FordService base model 2008, a year is ridiculous you should send me a loaner till you get your “parts” together

@evdaycomputer Between now & 3rd Quarter 2016, you’ll receive a letter advising when a replacement part is available for your vehicle. ^JW

@FordService how many people have died or been injured waiting for Ford to get “parts”

@evdaycomputer We take the safety of our customers very seriously, & we’ll continue to work with NHTSA to prioritize the replacement of …

@evdaycomputer air bag inflators to ensure they are replaced as quickly as possible, addressing the highest risks first. ^JW

I never did get a response about how many people have to die …………………………………….