Travel Anxiety

Is it a product of the airline industry or am I just doing it to myself? I remember being so excited to go vacation in the 90’s not sure it feels the same. I got screwed more than enough time by the airlines that I feel different now. Just check old posts from this blog.

We leave for Itay on Wednesday and working this Monday and Tuesday is killing me with thoughts running around in my brain about the trip and are the flights on time and did I get everything done at work.

To Vegas and back

A weekend away to see a Radio/Podcast show I have been listening to for years. The Mike O Meara show is a podcast I have been listening to for years, and I have been to a few of the live shows before. But never in Vegas, that a horse of a different color. Driving from Reno to Vegas was the first task that needed to be done and on the way down its always best to go halfway. Between the 2 cities, it Tonopah, Nevada, we stayed at the Tonopan Station last time so we wanted to try something new this time.

The Mizpah hotel was what we decided at this time, and I think it was a good choice. What a page of Nevada history to visit. The wood bars and chandeliers in the lobby were impressive, and the old vault was not a treasure trove of old memorabilia.

The staff was friendly ( and way overworked ) the bartender was giving out drinks at the bar on the floor and was the person at the cash out cage. At the bar, while we were gaming they said they could not “comp” the drinks ( gin and club and 7 and 7 ) but could discount them and I found that odd, as for the same drinks in Reno and Vegas the drinks are on the house if you are gaming enough money.


Next pit stop was more or less just photo shoots on the way, I guess now would be a good time to explain why we are going to Vegas. There was a Radio¬† ( Don and Mike )show that turned into a podcast ( The Mike O’Meara Show )¬† that is doing a live Las Vegas show that I wanted to see. I have been to the live shows they have done before and have a great time every time I go.

Then there is the Vegas factor, the wife got us tickets to see Cher Saturday night and I have never seen her so good time will be had by all. What I mean about the “Vegas factor” is the booze, the day of the TMOS show by the time we got there after the long drive I was feeling no pain. And the bar at the show was pouring some good drinks. Needless to say, I got way too drunk to fast and once the bar at the show closed I was out of there, missed a good half of the show.

Now Saturday rolls around and in Vegas, the drinks start early, as you know. Can you see where this is going? I should say the Cher show from what I remember was great, loved the way she talked to the crowd and the costume changes were awesome.