First time using a Chromebook

So sold a old laptop and tablet to get a Chromebook just to see what it’s like. I charged it out of the box and it didn’t need another charge for 3 days . I still had about 60% of a charge and you know how you are with a new toy playing with it for hours so it has that for it . I didn’t get one with a touch screen so it’s lite and very easy to travel with ( its only been to the bar so far ).

Since I have started this I have tested teathering it to my phone and charged it 2 more time’s in 3 weeks . And everything is working great ,but this is a nice little travel computer .

It was a little strange looking at the O/S for the first time , I thought it would be more like the phone O/S ( android ) and it was not. It updates like the phone would via the Play Store. It’s not a bad interface it just takes some getting use to,everything you need its at your finger tips via the store. I use a lot of Microsoft service so I loaded te mail app and “word” to see what kind of interface they had , the Outlook mail loooked alot like the “mail” program built into Windows 10. The Gmail link put in the task bar was just a link to launch the browser to go to gmail’s web interface, since I got this it has updated to a app interface just like Outlook, very basic.

As I use it more I find myself wanting to use it more so I guess thats a good thing.

Update as of today ( at the bar again ) they did something to the wifi and I can’t get into the router to find out what ( had it unlocked for 6 years ) and the Chromebook connected with no problem . Iphones in the bar are getting a error.

Since then the wifi at bully’s has said when everything trys to connect.

Project Fi

I got a Google Project Fi phone and sim card for testing about a month ago, with a phone I had so Google just opened it to more people. For a quick rundown it means a lower cell phone bill and more data. And it works overseas just like it works in the states at no extra charge. Verizon $10 per day charge is killing me and they limit the data you can use, it use to be whatever you had on your plan data wise you could use when traveling.

Long story short I’m going to be using the Google phone ( and number ) for the next month or so to see if the bill is lower. So if you need to contact me via text it might be delayed.

Update as of Sep 10th 2018…

Well I dropped my wife line off Verizon and got her the Moto G phone like I have and ported her number over to it . Now the real test is ou trip to Mexico. Now the only difference between the phones we have is mine was bought from Amazon hers wa bought via Google Fi . I had a small issue getting connected on the Amazon version of the phone but a reboot seem to have fixed that. For the most part the phone was working and when we got to the resort I had a connection and could share the connection. I saw a few days later my wifes phone the one bought from Google Fi had a LTE connection where mine just said “H” whatever that is.

I contacted Amazon and Motorola about this and Moto said there are just some “differances”in nphones depending on who they are being built for. Well that sucks.

Amazon was nice enough to give me refund on the phone because of what Motorola said and I ordered another one from Google.