What day is it..

Just a reminder to myself, its a nice feeling what you don’t know what day of the week it is.

Venice from the street

Day 1 in Venice has been a adventure in finding where you are and where you want to go. There are so many alleys that go in every direction you would be lucky to find the same one twice. The size of this place is so small you could see it in a day if you have a great sense of direction.
We lunch at a cafe that was great if you get off the tourest trap path and it was a lot of dead ends walking around but still worth it. All in all I am glad we came here with the gondola rides and the history of this place i can check it off my bucket list.

Florence Italy

Left from Rome on the train yesterday, that was the first (real) train I had ever taken anywhere. It was one of the hight speed ones ( 150mph – 241kph ) and I had so much fun. It had a restaurant and a bar car.
Florence it seems is a lot smaller the Rome and it has “town” feel to it but with a lot more tourism vibe. We did go out for a few even with the rain/snow and got a feel for where we would like to visit more once it warms up. Had lunch/wine at a small hole in the wall Muse Cafe and the food and wine were great, the owner runs the place and talked to us in between other customers.Five glass’s of wine and a sandwich $24 euro.

Day 3 in Italy

So today we went to Roman Coliseum via the “Metro” the subway system in Rome. Without speaking the language or reading it we did great getting from one stop to the next. We had to visit the main train station to pick up some pass’s and then found our way back to the correct platform.
Speaking of the metro where we got into the subway and the distance to the train , i was looking for mole people. It was a half mile walk past a underground super market with long tunnels that just kept going down.
The Roman Coliseum is rite out of the metro startion and it was so awesome to see in real life. If you ever come here wear good walking shoes.