At a Bar…

I could not take it anymore and gave in and went to bar for a pint or 2 or 3. Makes it sound like I needed it, no I just found out the pub down the block was open to have a seat and have some drinks.It is nice to be out of the house and to see some old friends, its been so long. Every group is at different tables just sitting with the people they came in with and we are way more than 2 meters apart. I am worried once everything is up fully this place will be packed as normal.

Now being from a state that has a LOT of room (Nevada) between cities and even homes,people see to group up at bars and casinos. One of the friends I saw here tonight was so ready for the “restrictions” to be done with and said that Covid was way over done by “the media” and seemed annoyed it happened.

Since I started this post the “casino” part of the bar opend and we got to the pub about a half hour after opening and it was packed. They are only seating so many people at the bar where the gaming machines are so you have to wait in a Q to game. Saw some others friends and it’s nice to be almost back to norm.

Go Outside!

So I was just siting here thinking that I have no reason to go outside for the next few days, we have done the food shopping. The feeling of disappointment set in and I was wondering can I go out to just be outside. Now I know I have been in the house to much, being dispatched from home for the last 15 years now being asked to stay home has me confused.

I have a new car ( new to me ) and I love the sound of the audio in it and I’m sad I have nowhere to go.

After 6 weeks of being unemployed

So after 2 weeks of looking for a job I found out no one ( companies ) seems to find their own employees. I have got so many calls from services that are looking to fill jobs. I of course signed up for every job service I knew of and more and they are posting the same job’s all at different pay rates.

Some of the the job service boards that I had old accounts on are looking at my old truck driving days and sending me jobs in that line of work. I updated my resume and it didn’t seem to make a difference. As I was typing this I had a person text my phone about a job I applied for, not the company I sent the resume into just someone else that saw I had applied.

I missed the days when could apply to the company itself and talk to a person.No middleman between you and what you would like to do.