Blocked by Facebook…

So I have been blocked for posting a photo to CLOSED group on Facebook. The photo was of a pin-up girl,with tassels over her nipples and would be rated PG 13 by most standards. I was just about to get pissed off about this how Facebook double standards of STEALING my data SELLING out my friends list and PRIVACY VIOLATIONS.

Then I thought wait it’s just Facebook if they want to stop people from using the platform as “punishment” maybe we should all go somewhere else. I wanted to put all kinds of bad words in for #facebook but that might offend someone…

Google Calendar Down

Down again

About a month ago I got a Google hub and wanted to switch to the Google calendar to see how it would work with the hub. After about a week I couldn’t take it anymore the interface was so bad I went back to Outlook.

Since the change back Google services have gone down twice,very odd for Google.