Google problems

Years ago Google started doing domains , for $12 a year you could register or move domains to their service. When moving domins TO google it was so fast and easy. It was almost instant….they are Google.

Since then I have found out the lack of tools to make some advanced changes sucks, forget about using Exchange  they just push the Gapp program. And when you go to use email from another host and then change it , you have to contact them ( good luck ) to have them flush the old info out of the system ( been waiting 2 days so far )

Its a shame they start something ( again ) and forget it, it could be so nice if they would pay attention to it .

Found new stuff

So this is more or less so I remember what I have testing for the the last week or so , but it might help someone from wasting time.

You should know what a blog is by now and mine has been bouncing from hosting provider to hosting provider as I test its speed and options. During all of this I was prompted to create a account for some of the plugins. Now they keep stats and inform you when and if the site is up and running stuff like that, what I found out about ( or just realized ) is the site itself can be hosted on the WP server so no matter who is doing the hosting I can just point it at the WordPress account and I don’t have to keep rebuilding it.

I tried just adding the domain service where you can just point a domain name at it ( $99. bucks) and that just sucked. All it did was add more plugins to confuse the server. I had to back up the blog and remove it from all servers and hosting sites for a day or two, then recreate it on the WP server. Then add the domain address and it worked, the files are on WP servers and its only $35 a year. ( not sure anyone is going to understand this but I learned crap OK )

Each hosting provider add plugins to a WP site , deals they make with different company’s. So doing a site like this can be way different depending on who you use. With this now all the sites and pugins are the same so it’s easy.