Just an observation

Just wanted to say getting old sucks, hurt my back at work the other day and the time it takes to recover is a lot longer then it used to be.

Grandson’s Birthday

How did he get so big is what they always say,but its true he has grown so fast .

Opening gifts

We have been teasing him all week about getting socks and underwear so that’s what we got him. With a new $100 bill at the bottom. With that, he wanted to go to Gamestop.

At Wild Island

So we surprised him a pit stop at Wild Island and some go cart racing and games. I think he LOVED IT as he said.


I must say I had a good time also driving I got to pass him once and then he caught me and passed me up.

Happy 10th Birthday to Donta hope you had a fun weekend. Love you

A new year of trips

Well, the end of the year has come and gone and the next 2 vacations are already set up. This year is about the kids the first part of the year, Disney World is the first trip ( have I told you how I feel about Florida ). The grandson was impressed with air flight on his first flight until he found the in-flight entertainment.

The next trip will be back to Rome with my son Damein Berry, this will be his first time to Rome and he is bringing the girlfriend Emma Christmas. Her first time to Europe and Italy. She has been hinting that a ring would be so romantic in Italy. It’s a trap.

My hope for this trip is after showing them around a bit taking some time in a cafe to sit and relax. Damein picked up the tube in London so fast the subway in Rome will be no problem.