Reno Tahoe International airport

This Fucking place is useless there are so many flights that we have tried to get out of here that have been canceled you might as well get out the day before and wait on you’re connection.

Change in Scenery

So the wife saw I was going crazy at home all day long and decided to book us into the Peppermill Casino for the weekend. Now this is a normal stomping ground so the rooms were free so I can not complain about that. I know with all that’s going on it was going to be different, but I didn’t expect it to be that bad. was.

I did get to do some people watching and the view was not to bad, it was different so that was a good thing.Looking out the window on the 16th floor and seeing the world go buy knowing that it still goes on is a uplifting feeling. I guess you just have to get out of your own space once in a while to feel better.

If I had the option one night on the casino would be enough for me as I don’t gamble to much,but the wife likes it and as long as she is happy.

Last Vacation of the Year (Fiji)

The vacation started with a drive from Reno to San Francisco,we didn’t need to be there till 10 pm at night for our flight so it was a nice easy drive,no need to rush. Rented a car for the one way trip and ended up getting a Jeep, very nice ride and I had never driven one before.

Rental Jeep

The flight was a little over 10 hours and before we boarded we had a few glass’s of wine and a great meat and cheese platter. Also I picked up some NyQuil tablets with the intention of sleeping on the flight. And boy did I sleep,wife said I was out for like 5 hours. Only the 2nd time I slept on a plane.

After the flight

Customs wasn’t to long it took a while for the luggage to come out and the area they have to collect it was packed with people at 4:45 am local time.We had arranged transportation from the airport to The View Villa’s on the coral coast of the island.I didn’t know that the villas were 92 km’s away,the driver was taking the coastal road and there were a “few” villages we would pass through.This would have a slow down to 30 km per hour or less for the speed bumps and by villages I mean shacks on the side of the road.

View from our room

After the hour and a half tip on the van from the airport we got to villas and they have so exceeded my expectations. The View Fiji The view you get from the villa’s is awesome there are only 4 villa’s at the resort,so you only have less people to deal with.When we got here there was only one other couple here.The villa we got has the private pool and the outdoor shower (don’t know why we don’t do this more in the US) I loved the outdoor shower.

Private pool

This was the vacation I was looking for, we had only one trip planned to a private island but the rest of the week was us doing nothing.

Some of the views from the beach on the south coast.

Found out the day we were leaving the resort is closing for good. The owner is going to turn it into his home and retire. Its to bad it was a wonderful place and the staff he had could not have been nicer.

I will have to visit Fiji again…

Robert Plant at Lake Tahoe

So the weekend starts off in Harvey’s Lake Tahoe , and the last time I stayed there It was my birthday years ago . I also think it was our first time staying at Harvey’s. The room we got was a suite with 2 rooms and views of the lake , it has a tub you could lay in and see the lake. This time we get a nice young lady with an accent checking us in and she said we “qualified for a upgrade”…oh great I think.

The upgrade I think this time was a bed and a working toilet , very disappointed. But the casino floor was where I would be spending most of my time so I didn’t say anything. The machines were not doing bad and ended up staying out to late and i knew what that ment ( hangover ) .

The next day ( after something for my head ) we ate at Ace’s Smoke House for the 2nd time and again they have to be the best BBQ in Tahoe. We had some friends coming up for the show and they used a Lyft a few time’s and said it wasn’t that expensive.

As for the show I didn’t think I would get to see Robert Plant before he or I died , the show was so good .


Los lobos was the warmup band and they sounded good and the area was so small you could see everything . The crowd was a mix of older folks but that is what I expected.


Robert Plant sounded so awesome and the he didn’t miss a beat for the whole show.