Mother’s Day at The Peppermill

Its always nice to have a stay-cation once in a while, even better when the rooms are free. Well not exactly free if you count in the cost of playing the slots, but that can vary also. Not much into playing the slots today but the wife will be more then willing to play for me.

Peppermill Reno

It’s a nice hotel and we know a lot of the bartenders so it makes it fun to hangout. I have to work from here for the next 3 days so I get to people watch and hear all the stories about drunks on the gaming floor.

Monday: I had to go to work while the wife had her spa day. My day didn’t go so well dropped a printer on my right ankle and a battery backup unit on my left ankle.

Her day

Well all in all she had a good weekend and was very relaxed when she left. I think it was nice to get home to my own bed.

At the Peppermill tonight

Came to the Peppermill just to get out of the house for the weekend , Not too much going on here it fact its kinda not that busy. I’m surprised the weekend before the big game. I took Philly with the winnings from the future bets I made in the beginning of the year. So if they win I can come home with $46 bucks , mister big spender.

One of the reason’s for this post is Dawn is taking a nap and I just needed something to do.It is fun to people watch. Looking at the photos scrolling on the screens here and wishing I was back there Italy and Greece.

At the Peppermill tonight

Dawn wanted to go out over the weekend , then she didn’t …then she did so here we are. It’s almost March madness so I placed 2 bets so far on basketball ( lost both ) siting in the sportsbook on a broken video poker machine watching the people and games ( people are more fun ) .

So want and need a vacation we are almost paying off the CC bills and are about to start work on the house in prep for sale . I’m wondering if we should get a realtor to look at the house and tell us what would be best to upgrade.

Dawn is not to happy about this ( selling her first house ) I told her its just the next step in our “adventure”.