At the Peppermill tonight

Came to the Peppermill just to get out of the house for the weekend , Not too much going on here it fact its kinda not that busy. I’m surprised the weekend before the big game. I took Philly with the winnings from the future bets I made in the beginning of the year. So if they win I can come home with $46 bucks , mister big spender.

One of the reason’s for this post is Dawn is taking a nap and I just needed something to do.It is fun to people watch. Looking at the photos scrolling on the screens here and wishing I was back there Italy and Greece.

Another New Year

Well its been a while since I posted and survived another Christmas. It was a good one and I think everyone had a good time , got to play monopoly again this year with Coolhand via facetime.

I should have started looking for a trip to take this year , its Dawn’s and I 30th anniversary.I know its not gong to be the UK.

Today is a football day and I have the day off on Monday ( SEA vs Car )