Flight Sim 2020

Microsoft Flight Sim has come out and I got the deluxe package, now will my computer run it is the question. The computer I built 3 years ago was built to last meaning I built it to play games at max levels and should run anything I put into it.Now that I think about it when Flight Sim X came out in 2009 the system I was running only ran it so well, as I got better and better computers I was able to turn it up to full.

Lake Tahoe NV

I have checked and it seems to be hit and miss with the new 2020 Sim, some people are not having problems. And I checked the CPU and GPU and it’s only running at ( CPU 70%) and (GPU 80%) it just makes the fans on the computer run loud.


I checked to see the price on a video card upgrade from the Nvidia 1060 6gb card I have to the 1080 card 8gb and I’m looking at $399. But there is hope the new Nvidia 3080 cards should be out soon and the price has been leaked at $1499. and that might put it out of my price range.

On the way to Vegas

Update since I started this post a new patch has come out that has reduced the amount of CPU and GPU needed to play the game. Now with the CPU that i am using (Intel i7 7700) should be able to handle this game it’s just the video card that needs a update.


I will be updating this from time to time and if you need some help with this email me at eric@ericrberry.com and I can let you know how to optimise your system to play it.

Mini PC

I got this 3 days ago and plugged it into my TV and off to the race it went. It comes with Windows 10 version 1909 and updating took a while but I expected that so I just let it sit and do its thing. Now you only have 64gig of space on the drive so after all the updates and apps that come in windows, you will have to do some cleaning up.

After removing all the apps I will not use and using storage sense I have over half the drive free. I have not installed Chrome ( don’t think it would work well ) I did upgrade Microsofts Edge browser to the new chrome version and its working great.
Day 3 installed Ubuntu 20.04 and the install went well but the performance did slow down a bit. I only gave it about a hour ( didn’t give it a fair shake ) with Ubuntu on it and decided to go back to Windows. Now I forgot it came with Windows 1909 and the only USB I have is version 2004. When I did the upgrades on 1909 it said 2004 would be coming soon.
Installed Windows 10 version 2004 and it’s not having any problems so far.

I would recommend one of these devices if all you want to do is surf and browse the internet why pay more.

In a rut “internet wise”

So the other day I added folders in my bookmarks bar of my browser to add some new space and it got me thinking about how I do things on the internet. The way it was set up my hand would go to the same spaces every day and I was thinking these sites are not all the internet is. I was so surprised just moving things around skewed up my hands and where it moves the mouse.

This got me to thinking I have been using the web links for email for years when I have Outlook the program in the computer ( side note I miss outlook express ) removing the links to the 3 email accounts would make some space in the bookmarks bar. So all of this is making me think about how I’m doing things on the computer, maybe it’s a geek thing but just making these changes might be a good thing for everyone to try.

I set up Outlook and downloaded Thunderbird for email accounts and forgot how involved it is to set the programs up the way you want to, Years ago it was just second nature, it was a nice workout for the brain.

First time using a Chromebook

So sold a old laptop and tablet to get a Chromebook just to see what it’s like. I charged it out of the box and it didn’t need another charge for 3 days . I still had about 60% of a charge and you know how you are with a new toy playing with it for hours so it has that for it . I didn’t get one with a touch screen so it’s lite and very easy to travel with ( its only been to the bar so far ).

Since I have started this I have tested teathering it to my phone and charged it 2 more time’s in 3 weeks . And everything is working great ,but this is a nice little travel computer .

It was a little strange looking at the O/S for the first time , I thought it would be more like the phone O/S ( android ) and it was not. It updates like the phone would via the Play Store. It’s not a bad interface it just takes some getting use to,everything you need its at your finger tips via the store. I use a lot of Microsoft service so I loaded te mail app and “word” to see what kind of interface they had , the Outlook mail loooked alot like the “mail” program built into Windows 10. The Gmail link put in the task bar was just a link to launch the browser to go to gmail’s web interface, since I got this it has updated to a app interface just like Outlook, very basic.

As I use it more I find myself wanting to use it more so I guess thats a good thing.

Update as of today ( at the bar again ) they did something to the wifi and I can’t get into the router to find out what ( had it unlocked for 6 years ) and the Chromebook connected with no problem . Iphones in the bar are getting a error.

Since then the wifi at bully’s has said when everything trys to connect.