Flight Sim 2020

Microsoft Flight Sim has come out and I got the deluxe package, now will my computer run it is the question. The computer I built 3 years ago was built to last meaning I built it to play games at max levels and should run anything I put into it.Now that I think about it when Flight Sim X came out in 2009 the system I was running only ran it so well, as I got better and better computers I was able to turn it up to full.

Lake Tahoe NV

I have checked and it seems to be hit and miss with the new 2020 Sim, some people are not having problems. And I checked the CPU and GPU and it’s only running at ( CPU 70%) and (GPU 80%) it just makes the fans on the computer run loud.


I checked to see the price on a video card upgrade from the Nvidia 1060 6gb card I have to the 1080 card 8gb and I’m looking at $399. But there is hope the new Nvidia 3080 cards should be out soon and the price has been leaked at $1499. and that might put it out of my price range.

On the way to Vegas

Update since I started this post a new patch has come out that has reduced the amount of CPU and GPU needed to play the game. Now with the CPU that i am using (Intel i7 7700) should be able to handle this game it’s just the video card that needs a update.


I will be updating this from time to time and if you need some help with this email me at eric@ericrberry.com and I can let you know how to optimise your system to play it.

You Tube vs Twitch

I been testing out the difference between Twitch and You Tube live. You just tilted you’re head and said what are they. What the are is a way to broadcast a game or even a podcast to the internet live and in some case’s have it stay on the service for the world to watch later.

DCS World Military Flight Sim

One of the tings I was looking to do was to get the voice chat that we use during the flight to record live. There are a number of ways to record the game and its sound, but to get the voice levels correct Is not easy.

I started with Twitch and created a account now its a great place to watch what games or podcast’s you want and you can text chat live as they are doing it. But I found out fast it’s built for the kids with a “share” and “points” system I still can not figure out. I tested 2 live broadcast’s and everyone could see and hear what we were doing, I thought great. I saw what what I thought was the video processing and gave it some time to post to my Twitch home page. Days later I saw nothing and was wondering why. From what I saw in the FAQ you have to have X amount of followers before that happens. Also you have meet a requirements before you can upload video’s to the service.

My joystick

So I went to You tube to try it there, now I have a number of videos I have uploaded to the service over the years. I found out you need a code to broadcast and it’s takes 24 hours for them yo “activate” it that was no problem. The software that I am using ( free ) can send the live feed to either service and after getting used to it everything was fine. The video above is what we did Saturday night, now this is not the best example of me playing or broadcasting but you live you learn, it was fun.