In a rut “internet wise”

So the other day I added folders in my bookmarks bar of my browser to add some new space and it got me thinking about how I do things on the internet. The way it was set up my hand would go to the same spaces every day and I was thinking these sites are not all the internet is. I was so surprised just moving things around skewed up my hands and where it moves the mouse.

This got me to thinking I have been using the web links for email for years when I have Outlook the program in the computer ( side note I miss outlook express ) removing the links to the 3 email accounts would make some space in the bookmarks bar. So all of this is making me think about how I’m doing things on the computer, maybe it’s a geek thing but just making these changes might be a good thing for everyone to try.

I set up Outlook and downloaded Thunderbird for email accounts and forgot how involved it is to set the programs up the way you want to, Years ago it was just second nature, it was a nice workout for the brain.

Trump demands FCC put tracking app on all Americans phones

With the end of net neutrality in sight the FCC chairman Agit Pai is getting pressure from the White House ( more from Pres. Trump ) to put a tracking and info grabbing app on your phone. The law would be mandatory for all US citizens¬†not only people with visa’s visiting the US.

The FCC referred to phone-tracking in another case and its been talked about by White House staff for everyone. At this time there was no response from the large cell providers , but since they are tracking and selling Americans data it would not be hard for them to just flip a switch and hand Trump all the info he wants.

More info coming as it becomes available.

Meltdown and Spectre info

Everyone has been hearing about the new Intel and other chips having a vulnerability that could cause you’re computer to be exposed on the internet. Let’s set the record straight, it’s like the post it notes you leave on the desk. If at any one given time someone walk’s in they can see those notes. Same thing with you’re computer, depending on what you have been doing with it in the last few hours that’s what they can see.

Now this can be a problem if you leave you’re computer on 24/7 , if you shut it off after you use it it should be good “depending on what you were doing “. A simple restart¬† of the computer will clear the cache “sticky notes”.

Well that’s all and good Eric what the hell can I do ? Microsoft and Apple have taken it upon themselves to “patch” these problems and “one” of the two are almost fixed. The fix should already be installed in the computer,came out last week.

The problem is the older you’re computer the slower the fix will make it . I found a way to check the computer to see if it is SAFE and this is where it gets technical. This link will send you to a program that will tell if you are fixed for one of the 2¬†vulnerability’s like most computers. But it will tell you IF the fix slowed you’re computer down. DON’T trust a email that said we can “fix” you’re computer.

Steve Gibson

The link above is a trusted link to “InSpectre” and a small ( less then 1 MB ) file that will let you know how the patch did on you’re computer. The site should look like this ..

2018-01-17 (1)

If You have anymore questions feel free to email

Windows Fall Update is here

Well it’s here and it’s not much different from the preview I was running on a laptop and an older desktop. There are some new apps that will help higher end computers with AR and VR, one of the updates I was looking forward to was the one drive files on demand.

That app/service is not working as Microsoft intended as of just yet, seems the option is on some of the installs. If not you have to download the “one drive” newest program and run it to even see the option for files on demand. Even then not all the folders are showing up correctly . I hope they fix this soon .

It has slowed the system a bit , have not tried it on the gaming computer. I will try “gaming” this weekend and report back.

Ebay is the cesspool of the internet

Its been this way for so long I can’t remember when it was a tool that could be used on the internet. I placed a item for sale on Ebay when I should have know better and it was not a hour later I get a response. A person that is “willing” to send more money for what I am selling to get me to go outside the ebay system for payment. This account has never bought anything on ebay and has no reviews . The account has been online since 2005 , why has ebay not CANCELED this account. Ebay police your user base better instead of just increasing user fees !!!