Fuc&ing Apple and Itune’s

New Iphone IOS and new Itunes and now I have to learn how to just update a playlist. This is bullshit I pay for them to sync anything in this computer to the cloud and you would think that would match to the Iphone but NO!

Moto G5 Plus


I bought this with the thought it was going to be a cheap phone but at least it had an updated O/S . Going from O/S 6. Android to 7.0 was important for security reasons. I was playing with a Galaxy S5 and this was my switch off phone to keep the Iphone 6 Plus I have alive just a little longer. The Iphone 6 Plus is a wonderful phone with battery life most people would die for. With as often as I use the data on the phone I can get 3 days of battery life out of it if needed.

The G5 Plus feels so nice in your hand its has the weight you need to keep from dropping it, the screen is large enough I don’t have to squint to see it. I switch to it on the weekends and I found myself wanting to use it more and more, looking forward to the switch. For an under $200 phone I’m impressed and am still wondering if I should stay with Apple for phones.

I picked up the G5 plus after a full 24 hours of being on and I still have 2 days of battery left. And now with Cortana on Android I can send and receive text messages on my computer also.

Ebay is the cesspool of the internet

Its been this way for so long I can’t remember when it was a tool that could be used on the internet. I placed a item for sale on Ebay when I should have know better and it was not a hour later I get a response. A person that is “willing” to send more money for what I am selling to get me to go outside the ebay system for payment. This account has never bought anything on ebay and has no reviews . The account has been online since 2005 , why has ebay not CANCELED this account. Ebay police your user base better instead of just increasing user fees !!!

Mac book pro

I got the Mac book pro after selling a domain I had for 10 years, it was a experiment, I never knew anything about Apple computers. At one time a friend would send support questions my way just to see me sweat as I tried to help them. It has been a wonderful computer for a very long time and It has visited a lot of country’s with me, I remember downloading a James Bond movie in Florence Italy the first time we went. and the time in Rome where we had to share the internet connection. And in Greece it was a paper weight due to the bad internet connections.

I have placed it for sale and just booted it up for some photos after not using it for 2 weeks, I miss it already…