Now whats next…

So its been done and now lets see if they kick his ass out of office.

Putting the win back in Winnamucca

Spending the weekend in the wonderful ( sarcastic ) Winnamucca,NV had a job to do out here ( 180 miles from Reno ) and it was a good excuse to get out of town. This time of the year in Reno we have Hot August Nights,and the tourist traffic is just the worst. We have done this from time to time before and it was mostly a good time.

Hotel Lobby Photos

The Model T hotel was a good place to stay and the slots were not to bad, you an walk the whole town in 30 mins so it was a good place to start. Then some large chain bought them and it went down hill from there. This time we are staying at the Winners Casino ( 2nd time I think ) Its been here for what seems 100 + years.

Side street

The last few times we have come to Winnamucca the gaming and slots have not been so nice, not that I want to go home rich it would just be nice to win enough to keep playing. So far Winners Casino slots have not been so good,it Friday and the weekend is just getting started so lets keep a open mind.

Friday night cam and went and besides drinking to much it was a bust as for gambling, from the Model T to the Winners inn they took us. It was so bad that we decided to come home on Saturday instead of Sunday.

Maybe next time Winnamucca……

Trump demands FCC put tracking app on all Americans phones

With the end of net neutrality in sight the FCC chairman Agit Pai is getting pressure from the White House ( more from Pres. Trump ) to put a tracking and info grabbing app on your phone. The law would be mandatory for all US citizens┬ánot only people with visa’s visiting the US.

The FCC referred to phone-tracking in another case and its been talked about by White House staff for everyone. At this time there was no response from the large cell providers , but since they are tracking and selling Americans data it would not be hard for them to just flip a switch and hand Trump all the info he wants.

More info coming as it becomes available.