Meltdown and Spectre info

Everyone has been hearing about the new Intel and other chips having a vulnerability that could cause you’re computer to be exposed on the internet. Let’s set the record straight, it’s like the post it notes you leave on the desk. If at any one given time someone walk’s in they can see those notes. Same thing with you’re computer, depending on what you have been doing with it in the last few hours that’s what they can see.

Now this can be a problem if you leave you’re computer on 24/7 , if you shut it off after you use it it should be good “depending on what you were doing “. A simple restart  of the computer will clear the cache “sticky notes”.

Well that’s all and good Eric what the hell can I do ? Microsoft and Apple have taken it upon themselves to “patch” these problems and “one” of the two are almost fixed. The fix should already be installed in the computer,came out last week.

The problem is the older you’re computer the slower the fix will make it . I found a way to check the computer to see if it is SAFE and this is where it gets technical. This link will send you to a program that will tell if you are fixed for one of the 2 vulnerability’s like most computers. But it will tell you IF the fix slowed you’re computer down. DON’T trust a email that said we can “fix” you’re computer.

Steve Gibson

The link above is a trusted link to “InSpectre” and a small ( less then 1 MB ) file that will let you know how the patch did on you’re computer. The site should look like this ..

2018-01-17 (1)

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