Day of medical testing

So today was the day I had set up for my heart checking, I was not looking forward to this day for a few reason. One no food no coffee and no nicotine for 12 hours up to the test. Now this would show a very stressed Eric then normal but not the way I live everyday. Why don’t they test people how they are at the end of a regular “Monday”.

With that question out there the testing from 8 am to 1 pm was not a bad as I thought it was going to be. They moved the times around so I could get it everything done at once ,being diabetic its’s been a long time since I went that long without food.

I went to Northern Nevada Medical Center for the testing thinking this might be a “cheaper” alternative to Renown Reno. The staff at NNMC has always been the best when it comes to service and attentiveness. Its a smaller hospital then Renown.

Now comes the issue I have with the billing departments I think they hired people that used to work in the KGB. They are so aggressive It almost makes me want to go some where else.