Proud Cabaret London

Went there on a Groupon ticket , paid $130 dollars for 2 tickets. Found out if you buy the tickets at the door on Thursday they cost $39 pounds each. Our tickets covered the meals and the show , I got 2 bottles of 28 pound wine and 2 extra glass’s at 18 pounds. The bill came and it was 130 pounds , they charged us for bread we didn’t order and “other fee’s ” they said. So a night out at this place cost me $500. US I would avoid it. In my opinion . Visit was on the 5th November.

Updated : I have been in contact with “Alex Proud”is the name the email comes in from

Tickets on the door are show only? Not for a meal?!! So that is not true?!
Dinner tickets are £50 or $80 at least?

You chose what wine you ordered? Did we make you buy it? There was £19 wine?! You chose to buy the wine, how is that our fault?

Sides are charged extra, as they are at most restaruants? Esp when Group on?

And we do sell the programme, if you don’t like it we can refund it and on the night or after we are happy to do this

So what exactly is it you think we did wrong?

After I explained to him about the extras and service fee’s again I sent him this :

My response “The bill was 116.81 pounds , what I drank was 74 pounds. What I see as the difference is 42.81 pounds, is what I’m disputing. ” And the reviews will be corrected to say that there was a miss understanding to what was covered by the Groupon and I worked with Alex from Proud Cabaret to correct the issue .”

Alex Proud responded asking how much it would cost?  (to make this go away is how I took it ) asking me to take the reviews down.

It has been over a week and I have not heard back….

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