You get what you pay for “ipage”

Getting tired of Go Daddy ever growing price increase’s someone I meet suggested as a hosting provider.

I checked out the website and the price’s were about what I paid at Go Daddy so many years ago. The had a 30 day free trial so how could you go wrong. Most of my sites are just some basic html but with Google liking sites that are mobile ready I have been using templates or Word Press sites.

The email and FTP are so easy to use , I can call it old school straight forward. I moved one of my customers to that for hosting due to a dislike of the other company by me and my customer. And it was easy to do so everything was working out great.

But …there is always a but…about the time the 30 day trial ended I started getting reports from “jetpack” a Word Press plugin that the site was going down. Not for a long time but multi times a week.

Just to see if anything was different I opened a “support ticket” via the ipage site. Just like I thought it took days before anyone “read” the request , i got a bunch of canned response’s that didn’t help. After 10 days I just gave up getting help that way.

Just before leaving for vacation I called them about this “down time” problem before I left. The support rep looked into it and saw that I had made other request’s and said he was sorry it was not fixed. He said it was due to a old ( java i think ) script that was running and updated it and said it should be fixed.

Today I get online from Mexico and see 12 emails from “jetpack” that the site was down, for a hour at most at a time. Now I have to decide to cal the again , of course there is a PAID option $35 a year to get on the “dedicated Word Press servers”. Or move the site’s back to Go Daddy.

You get what you pay for……

The response I got from Ipage


I am sorry to hear about the issue experienced due to Jetpack downtime notifications. There was no server side issues recently. As your website is database driven and we are on shared hosting platform, you may experience some slowness in website loading. However, we consider that to be a reasonable time for a database driven site in a shared-server environment where you share system resources with thousands of other customers. Therefore, you may find periodical slowness issues. However, this might trigger that your site is inaccessible after ten (10) seconds when Jetpack Monitor checks your site. I suggest you to ignore such notifications. The websites and is currently loading without any issues.

To learn more about it, please go to: .

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