Learned something new WP.com

Found one limit to using WordPress.com , it was very odd and this is more of a reminder for myself. The theme I was using had the option to add photos in between the text, I’m calling it in line photos.

The other option is just a header image, I posted a page on the blog 3 weeks ago with inline photos shared the page so friends could gawk at the cleavage. I check back on the page 3 weeks later and all the photos are gone. 

WP support says the “theme” I was using was the problem, but it worked when I created it…

I’m going to keep an eye on theme and options, WP.com will update whatever is needed themes and all with no notification, great for security not sure about design.

Been a fun day..

So last night we got re-ended in the car so most of the morning I was on the phone with insurance company’s. At least I get a chance to get the dent in the front of the car fixed 🙂 I must say it is worth it to pay for extra insurance. Less of a headache when you need to use it, and you get a lower deductible.

On a side note , the lady that hit us…I hope the kids stop me from driving when the time come’s.