Windows Phone

A day with a lumia 735 ( Windows phone 8.1 ) first off the Iphones are $800 plus this phone was $199 out the door no more payments. That said

Will it do Facebook …yes
Will it do Twitter…yes
Will it do Google +…..Fuck NO
Will it do email and surf the internet…yes

I should give you some background I’m testing Windows 10 and the newest build ( 10162 ) and its coming to a computer near you soon ( by the end of the month )

Cortana is Windows phone Siri and in Windows 10 I asked it to send a email to one of my contacts and it did, with no errors in via voice commands on the first try. It also launched Chrome and Internet Explorer at my request ( voice request )

The phone will not do this just yet , buy Windows 10 will be coming to it soon after the computers.

Now you know what I do for fun on a Friday night…I am a party god… ‪#‎lumia735‬ ‪#‎windowsphone‬ ‪#‎windows10‬

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