HP Stream 7 and buyers remorse

In the beginning of this year I bought a Stream 7 from the Microsoft store, its a 7 in tablet with a small hard drive and a gig of ram. The device came with Windows 8.1 desktop version and I was hoping when Windows 10 came out Microsoft would send a “mobile” operating system to the device.

With Win 8.1 desktop it was very frustrating to use , the screen is to small to be clicking on the menus. The battery life was not to bad once you removed all the software you didn’t need, so we wait for Windows 10.

Windows 10 come’s out and the “desktop” version is loaded into the Stream 7. It almost kills the device…you can’t type the touch screen “sometimes” works. I have wiped it clean twice and reinstalled ( takes days in some case’s ) and no help. I contacted HP and they more or less said “your shit out of luck”. The battery now last’s 4 hours if I’m lucky.

If you run across one of these Stream 7 tablets avoid it at any price, not sure why HP let their logo put on this now “paper weight”.

****Update**** HP called me back and bought back the Stream 7 and I bought another one of HP’s laptops.

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