Having kid’s get’s no easier

One of the reason’s I started this blog was to just keep thoughts I had over the year’s logged. Now that I connected it to Twitter and Facebook I find myself less wanting to post to it  , or at least tonight.But I would suggest to every other parent do this no mater how odd it feels like you are talking to yourself.

No matter how old they get you always better for them. and when they don’t do things as you want or expect…..oh fuck I’m just trying to say I’m sorry to Damein for yelling at him at Thanks Giving dinner at his ant’s house.

When it just comes out your mouth and you don’t know where it came from…

Now I can’t get it out of my mind and what it could cause, I guess I’m just second guessing myself….but that’s a being a parent.

Going to remove the link to social media  after this post, it’s not meant for them.