Vegas for the weekend

So after just getting back from Fiji I had a show to go to in fabulous Las Vegas. The Mike O Meara Show live.Its a radio show from Washington DC gone to podcast 10 years ago. It’s just a hour flight I thought,and the wife was to be joining me.She like Vegas a lot more then I do,that did not work out like we planned. She had to go to the Philippians from Fiji for work,that kinda pissed me off.

So my son came up from Arizona for the show and when him and I go to Las Vegas nothing good happens. I didn’t know the hotel that my wife booked Downtown Grand was one of the the hotels a lot of the fan’s use. I met some of the people I seen online and even got a chance to meet some of the friends of the show.That would be Jimmy in a dress.


The show was good and by 7 pm local time I was a tad ginned up shall we say. So Damein and I didn’t stay for the whole show he needed to get to the other side of town to his hotel.


We had a good time and didn’t get into to much trouble,till we saw the food tuck selling chilly cheese dogs. I will regret that in the morning I thought and I did. But for Vegas that’s nothing to regret to much.


Google falling down hill

So long time ago my son turns me on to this service called Google, Damein you know who you are . And as of late a few of the Google services are just pissing me off, the Gmail “labels”  has pissed me off for years.

Tonight it “Gdrive” a while back they added “Google photos” to it and it is useless. Gdrive can back up files if you give it a week and Google photos works well uploading and backing up. But just don’t try to make changes live.

But its a free service what do you expect “I’m a paying customer” and I get no better service than a “free” account.

Off on another adventure

Well its that time of the year , it took so long to get here. Taking Damein to London and for a drive around the UK, looking forward to him trying to drive on the wrong side of the road.

Dawn and Joyce are on the flight to London/Paris before us ( 4 hour lay over in Seattle ) and then they have a 7 hour layover in London due to a British Airways canceled flight. Again Dawn got screwed by a airline and not in a good way .

A message to new Dad’s

This is hard to put into words, there was a moment in time in my son’s life I had to stop and say to myself he is a adult and can choose what to do for himself. I hated that moment ! This post was going to be about the music he has turned me on to since then but my dam fingers typed this . We went to a Shinedown concert a band I knew very little about and had a great time , and I listened to more of there music since then and a “Simple Man” makes me think of him and what I would life to be.

And now that I am thinking about it, the song that makes me think of my daughter is “Superman (its not easy) buy Five for Fighting. She is my Superman with the way she is raising my grandson. I still think of her as my little girl and is not old enough to have a son, but she is doing a wonderful job. I know the kids might never see this but I wanted then to know I was thinking about them tonight as I do often.