Sorry Google plus

Can’t take it with the data it’s sucking up and the slow loading everytime I’m on a slower WiFi connection.

I tried to stay with you but you seem to have been forgotten by @Google and having the app on my phone.

Google falling down hill

So long time ago my son turns me on to this service called Google, Damein you know who you are . And as of late a few of the Google services are just pissing me off, the Gmail “labels” ┬áhas pissed me off for years.

Tonight it “Gdrive” a while back they added “Google photos” to it and it is useless. Gdrive can back up files if you give it a week and Google photos works well uploading and backing up. But just don’t try to make changes live.

But its a free service what do you expect “I’m a paying customer” and I get no better service than a “free” account.