Disney world Vacation

So we are off to Florida again, this time it’s just Grandma myself and the grandson I thought. Seems Tanner and Sandy and uncle Nick and Joyce would be meeting up there. The flight was not as bad as I thought even with American changing my wife’s flight, that meant I had to herd a 10-year-old across the country.

Got to meet Mickey

The grandson was so excited to meet Mickey and on I think the first night we had dinner with all the characters at 9pm, grandpa was so tired.

As for the park itself, the scam that everyone knows about it being expensive is so true. I could have taken 2 European vacations for the price of one trip to Disney World. One of the good things if now you can get adult drinks in all of the parks.

British Pub

We also got a chance to take him ( and me ) to the Kenady Space Center, it was another hot and humid day so not to much time was spent there. I think Donta liked it after he saw The Atlantis shuttle.

Rocket Man

All in all, it was a good week I would suggest a break in between the days of any visit. Donta did not mind hanging out at the pool and they show movies there also. Our room was at the almost end of the “resort” and I use that word loosely so after a few days Donta wanted to go to the room by himself. After a wrong turn and a point in the right direction, he found it.

And there was Florida…

One of the states I was almost avoiding , why you ask ? Lets see heat humidity , bugs that can lift small children , oh yes and crocodile’s ! And did I mention not so bright people , “and this week in Florida” segments you hear on the radio. Now I do consider crocodile’s as┬ádinosaurs so I have this want to see them and this fear of them.

This started out as a work trip for Dawn and she convinced me to join her down in the sunshine state. I have always hated humidity from my years in New Jersey and it was hard to get past that. I was enticed by NASA and a visit with a friend I have not seen in a very long time.


It was great to see NASA I always wanted to go and we had tickets to see a launch while we were there…just one problem. I had only been in the state for a few days and had not got used to the humidity, another thing was there was very little shad at the complex. The NASA park was a lot smaller than I thought and like I said before not enough places to get out of the sun and cool off. We walked around and got photos of all the cool looking stuff and then went inside to see the space shuttle I was so excited.


We ended up seeing how long the line was getting for the launch and it was a few hours till it lifted off so we gave out tickets to some ( what looked like locals ) debating on getting tickets.

For the rest of my stay in the state I got to see an old friend ( Rich Latko )I had not seen in 35 years and finding out food is way cheap in the state. Twice I got the check from a dinner and twice I had to look to see if they missed someone.


The rest of my time in Florida was spent people watching in Wal-mart ( yes I had to see ) and spending time on the beach. The wife and I had a good time visiting a local pub but didn’t stay long enough to see to many “locals”.


I think it was ok trip , not sure if I will ever go back to Florida but if you had your choice Italy or Florida where would you go ?