Time will tell

Well it’s been a few months and it’s taking it’s sweet ass time to heal. One of the things I was required to do was quit smoking and that has been a battle for years even before this happened.

I have tried 99% of the crap out there with limited success. But today I got to shave my scare for the first time in months, wondering if I look at it every time I want a cigarette if that will help.

Well I survived 

So I went into the hospital for what I thought was just a bottle brush cleaning of the vein in my neck. When I got the bandage off what you see above is what Dawn saw .


The look on Dawns face was OMG I hope he doesn’t explode, and she was very easy on me for a week or so as I healed. ¬†So I found out that after this I was not going back to work for 2 weeks , no one bothered to let me know untill about a week away . I thought I go in and go back to work a few days later. It’s been about 3 weeks now and I’m back to work but the scar wound is still healing and after about 6 hours when the aspirin stops working I get a little cranky.

So I have lost 40 lbs I got my neck slashed and now everyone wants me to quit smoking , this has been a fun week ” I don’t know why Eric is screaming at everyone”. I have quit before and everyone has been giving me advice on how to do it. I had to post on Facebook if anyone gives me more advice I would put out a cigaret in their eye.