Just back from Mexico

I just noticed the I never even posted that I was going on vacation , this time I didn’t even put a count down on my phone. It was the last trip for the year and after Ireland and Italy i guess it was a little get away, or it felt like it. Most people would love to get away to Cancun for a week and now I am taking it for granted.

I was not the best person to vacation with this time , I had expectations and some were met….god I am such a ass. but it was just that kind of trip we had a great time the fist time we went why would it it not be that way again? Everyone seemed a little cranky from the get go and this is more of a reminder to me then anything else.

I wanted to make this post about how I felt when I got back and what what was going on the time but I lost the “noble” thoughts I was having got lost in the beer I’m drinking. So it will be a “note” of my son’s car breaking down my daughters son misbehaving at school….

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