The internet

I have a friend or should I say friends that will have nothing to do with the internet , that just refuse to even look at it and use it as a tool. Now these are not dumb people, they just refuse to have all the worlds knowledge at there finger tips.Is this wrong and should it be mandatory from this point in history that everyone on the planet have this option ?

Only the Sith deal in absolutes, but is knowledge something that can be denied to those who want it or need it….

Are they not holding back the rest of society from moving on , I am not saying people that are to old to pick up on the new technology. I am talking about the 30 and 40 something’s that see Facebook “as” the internet. I have been on Facebook for years and the only “news” I see is the stuff I put on there when I think its important for public to know.

Who the Fuck are you Eric to decide what “Facebook” should publish and friends should see….this has gone all wrong , now I am sounding like Fox News

I just wish everyone had everything at their fingertips …


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