Made it to Malta


I always forget how long it takes to get to europe from the west coast, leaving mid morning we didn’t get here till 5 pm local time on Tuesday. All in all it was not a bad trip it just takes time .

Went to a local bar last night across the street ( Cheeky Monkey ) and the beer wine and food was so good. I was so tied it was a early night and now I’m up at 2 am local time.

Well after the tour of Velleta we didn’t get to stop and see much. It’s a very cute section of the city with cafe and shop’s, it’s a must see if you come here. Got a chance to go back to Velleta and it’s so small you could do it in a half a day. The hop on and off bus is a great way to get places.

We used the hop on and hop off bus ( north route one day the south the next ) to see the country side and besides the island is so small you can go from one end to the other in a hour. Depending on traffic.

More to come…