New Years In Mexico

For 3 years now we have been trying to get down to Mexico with some friends to celebrate Sandy’s birthday and new years. This time we got on a plane and flew down here with only a few delays in our flights, most of the time they just cancel it at the last minute

San Carlos, Mexico

This was my first time in this part of Mexico and I never drove over the border before. We rented and B & B with a pool and separate Villas and for a 4 day trip its not a bad place. Some of the people I am just meeting for the first time and I am so bad with names. But they are a fun bunch before and after we are all drunk.

The area is not as “green” as Mexico I am used to and the weather was a tad bit chilly but the town is not so packed with people so that’s a good thing. San Carlos or it seems this part is broken up in sections, stores then some road and then some house’s so It’s not like Cancun where you can just walk from pub to hotel. The two restaurants we did eat were right on the water and very nice. The food was okay, better than American food but just okay for Mexico.

View from our dock

We did get to take a boat ride and see some dolphins in the wild, very had to get a picture at just the right moment. But it was fun and watching the birds dive for fish with a glass of wine can’t be all bad “rite”?

Weekend in Arizona

Went down to Cottonwood , AZ for the weekend before it got to hot to visit with some friends. This town is just so cute it reminds me a lot of California but the people were great and so many places to eat and drink for such a small town.

We rented a house and it was a steep hill to get the place , after wine that was real fun. We did a Safari something I thought was odd in AZ, but it was fun to 4 wheel in the dirt. And there were more “wine tasting” places then I could visit in a few days.

And OMG the food


Made it to Malta


I always forget how long it takes to get to europe from the west coast, leaving mid morning we didn’t get here till 5 pm local time on Tuesday. All in all it was not a bad trip it just takes time .

Went to a local bar last night across the street ( Cheeky Monkey ) and the beer wine and food was so good. I was so tied it was a early night and now I’m up at 2 am local time.

Well after the tour of Velleta we didn’t get to stop and see much. It’s a very cute section of the city with cafe and shop’s, it’s a must see if you come here. Got a chance to go back to Velleta and it’s so small you could do it in a half a day. The hop on and off bus is a great way to get places.

We used the hop on and hop off bus ( north route one day the south the next ) to see the country side and besides the island is so small you can go from one end to the other in a hour. Depending on traffic.

More to come…

One day in Venice

One of the days I spent in Venice it was a little cold and the girls started drinking some “hot wine” early in the day . So I had a glass or 2 of wine, after a few hours of walking around I was about a bottle or 2 into the wine drinking “experience”. One of the things I was trying to do on this vacation was forget about work and home and enjoy the trip so that’s the reason for this post.

I was walking around in St. Marks Basilica in Italy on a great day drinking wine and I should be enjoying the moment….and I did.