Leaving Las Vegas ( yes hungover )

Came down here to see Sandy and Theresa renew their wedding vows, it was a ceremony done by a Cher look alike. And man did he look like Cher. All in all, it was a fun weekend, on Saturday we when to a drag brunch and “man” they were funny. Get it “man”…

Now its time to fly home, glad its a short flight.

Weekend in Arizona

Went down to Cottonwood , AZ for the weekend before it got to hot to visit with some friends. This town is just so cute it reminds me a lot of California but the people were great and so many places to eat and drink for such a small town.

We rented a house and it was a steep hill to get the place , after wine that was real fun. We did a Safari something I thought was odd in AZ, but it was fun to 4 wheel in the dirt. And there were more “wine tasting” places then I could visit in a few days.

And OMG the food