The last month has been….

I know I have not posted in a while but the last month has been rough , not on a personal level or anything, but on a computer point. So I buy one of the high end joysticks that the friends I play with have, and that is where the fun starts.

X-56 joystick by Saitek was the stick that I ordered and it was not cheap, 103 key combo’s times 3 so you have almost unlimited set ups for air and ground . This was a Amazon buy from  a seller I had not used before. I connected the new stick and it seemed that everything was working fine on the new computer .

First off the software can be programmed to do keyboard commands with the touch of a button. This should work out great, till days go by and I find out nothing I’m programmed worked. After looking up fixes and trial and error I reinstalled the software and now the programming is working.

So during all of this on the new gaming rig I just built I’m playing a shooter game with the grandson and the system locks up hard. I almost couldn’t get Windows to restart it was that bad, found out it was The onboard sound card ( I should have known better) had died.

Fine I say and replace the sound card with one from my old rig. Plug the Saitek and continue programming, and now everything is pulling to the right on takeoff. After some advice from a friend and more testing ( and by testing I mean drunken raints) 3 weeks in I send it back for the “new version” of the stick.

Now a week with the new sick that had the same software problem, I’m back to game programming…wish me luck.