That time of the year again

So for the next few month’s, I will be traveling quite a bit. We have the Tuscany region first and I will be doing some driving for the first time in Italy. I have driven in the UK, Scotland, and Ireland ( to the left to the left to the left..left..left ). So it should not be a problem, the rest of the crew we are going with says I should get an International license. When I asked about it at the rental company about having one in Ireland he just giggled and sent us on my way.


BTW if you go a barber in Ireland make sure they speak English if you ask for a “trim” of your beard. What was I talking about…

The next trip will be to Florida in February ( Dinsey world ) I so wish it wasn’t in Florida ( read previous blogs about Florida ).

And then in March back to Roma with my sister in law and son and girlfriend, it will be the sons and the girlfriend to Italy. Not sure if I posted about the last time my sister in law took a trip to Italy with us ( long story with crying ). My son is so excited about going he has been asking about everything we can go see.

I would like to post the photos and story’s of the trip’s here and not on Facebook, let’s see how that goes…

A message to new Dad’s

This is hard to put into words, there was a moment in time in my son’s life I had to stop and say to myself he is a adult and can choose what to do for himself. I hated that moment ! This post was going to be about the music he has turned me on to since then but my dam fingers typed this . We went to a Shinedown concert a band I knew very little about and had a great time , and I listened to more of there music since then and a “Simple Man” makes me think of him and what I would life to be.

And now that I am thinking about it, the song that makes me think of my daughter is “Superman (its not easy) buy Five for Fighting. She is my Superman with the way she is raising my grandson. I still think of her as my little girl and is not old enough to have a son, but she is doing a wonderful job. I know the kids might never see this but I wanted then to know I was thinking about them tonight as I do often.