Exchange Server

So riddle me this Batman…I create an email address ( default ) with a “label” my name and the letter “P” within exchange for personal. Now when I go to send email from that account it’s showing “Eric Berry P”. Why do you do this to me Microsoft?

I go into the account and remove the letter “P” and test it and it’s still showing, I’m wondering if there is a lag time on the updating of the info.If it is a delay bad Microsoft for making the delay so long.This is a business product and should one not have this glitch and two should update faster.

Sent test emails to Gmail and it was almost instant, sent a test to from an exchange server and I am still waiting…..

Change back to Microsoft

In the last day or so I was getting frustrated with Gmail “labels” so I thought lets try as my main email. I have Outlook 2013 and I like the way it looks and works , so I set to import all the info from Gmail. Wow that was easy to do, all the folders and saved mail came in with no problems at all. I set up a forward in Gmail and I should be done.

Go to set up my Apple mail program for : Not supported ( that’s ok works on the phone )

Go to set up Outlook in the Windows 8 PC : Worked for about a week on a fresh install of Windows 8,after a re install of Office 2013 it will get mail but no calender or contacts.

Go to set up Outlook on the Windows 7 PC : Works fine.

Go to set up the Outlook app for the Nexus 7: Worked when I rarely used it but opening and closing it often cased it to fail even on a simple “reply” email and the interface is just horrible.

Microsoft if you want to be a “services” company how about you make something that works “everywhere” ¬†sorry to say like Google. I did all the diagnostics¬†and I am not re-installing Windows 8 again.

Thanks going back to Gmail “services