WordPress Renew Expensive…

Well, it’s that time of the year again to start renewing the hosting/publishing of my sites on WordPress.com. Now when I started this I had all the sites on GoDaddy and was paying about $120USD a year. Now that came with unlimited sites and email at no cost. Now with just 4 sites at the “personal plan” on Word Press, it’s $4.00 a month per site with no real email to speak of. That works out to be $192.USD a year. With any “experiment” in hosting, I tried the “premium” accounts on Word Press because after opening the account they gave you a “discount” for the upgrades for the rest of the year, Bad idea on my part. Now just realizing what I did when I did the comparison.

Now to get the email ( send and receive ) from the domain I use Microsoft Exchange, with 2 email addresses it’s $100.USD a year. To make it more complicated most of the domains are registered at Google Domains for the free “privacy protection”. So I’m having to deal with DNS and domain manual info input in 3 different hosting services ( and I wonder why I have a headache ).

Lets list things I like about Word press hosting

I can get to the websites from anywhere in the world I might be visiting and they load fast

Ease of use

They deal with all the updating

Now what about Godaddy hosting

Not as easy to get to the service from anywhere

Pain in the ass system to deal with finding what you need

Updating my own software ( not a problem )

What I like about Google Domains

Ease of use


privacy protection

I will be keeping the Microsoft Exchange anyway

Great service

So I am rethinking Word Press and is it worth the cost…

Change back to Microsoft

In the last day or so I was getting frustrated with Gmail “labels” so I thought lets try Outlook.com as my main email. I have Outlook 2013 and I like the way it looks and works , so I set Outlook.com to import all the info from Gmail. Wow that was easy to do, all the folders and saved mail came in with no problems at all. I set up a forward in Gmail and I should be done.

Go to set up my Apple mail program for Outlook.com : Not supported ( that’s ok works on the phone )

Go to set up Outlook in the Windows 8 PC : Worked for about a week on a fresh install of Windows 8,after a re install of Office 2013 it will get mail but no calender or contacts.

Go to set up Outlook on the Windows 7 PC : Works fine.

Go to set up the Outlook app for the Nexus 7: Worked when I rarely used it but opening and closing it often cased it to fail even on a simple “reply” email and the interface is just horrible.

Microsoft if you want to be a “services” company how about you make something that works “everywhere” ¬†sorry to say like Google. I did all the diagnostics¬†and I am not re-installing Windows 8 again.

Thanks going back to Gmail “services