Email to United CEO

Sent last week

I’m writing because last week me and my wife were supposed to be taking a once in a lifetime trip to Egypt. Due to a delay in our flight from Reno to SFO on United 5332 (Rec Locator JV3531) we reached the Emirates counter 8 minutes late. Before taking off from Reno the crew that was working the gate were no help at all. With no information, as to why the plane left LAX late and not even knowing for sure what gate we would be boarding at.


After the plane did arrive seems they were in no hurry to get the people on the plane and get it on its way, now more then 2 ½ hours behind. I heard more than one other passenger speaking about how they were going to miss the next flight they were due to be on. Now once on the plane they couldn’t find someone to move the walkway away from the plane, THESE delays that could have been avoided is what cost me a $3000 dollar vacation.


We were now stuck in SFO so we went to the United counter with my wife in tears crying ( with what has happened to United in the last few weeks I was tempted to take my phone out and start filming but didn’t ) and asked if they could possibly change our return ticket so we could home. We were told because it would be a voluntary change (nothing about this was voluntary I assure you) that again I would need to pay penalties and difference in fares to go home.

I understand that Emirates denying us boarding was not something United can control.

I’m currently out the money for the United flight for the return trip to Reno ($231.00), the money I had prepaid for hotels and tours in Dubai and Cairo ($1298.00) and the cost of the rental car I had to pick up to get from SFO back to my home in RNO ($173.00).

so I’m hoping that somewhere within your heart you can possibly consider refunding or partially refunding our nonrefundable tickets so someday once again after I have saved I can attempt to finally visit Egypt and see all the amazing things.


Please let me know and thank you.

Eric Berry

As of today still no response from UNITED

Got a email back letting me know they got my email today 5/10/17